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Price Structure

Initiation Fee



(Corporate Initiations Will Vary)

$24.95-Processing Fee

$5.00-Key Card Per Person

12 Month Membership

$43.00-Single Monthly Rate

$68.00-Couple Monthly Rate

$37.00-Corp. Single

$62.00-Corp. Couple

Year Paid In Full (No Initiation Fee)

$516.00 ($444.00 Corp)-Single

$816.00($744.00 Corp)-Couple

Senior (65 & Older)

12 Month Membership-No Initiation

$36.00-Single Per Month or $432 Annual

$61.00-Couple Per Month or $732 Annual

$24.95-Processing Fee

$5.00-Key Card Per Person

Other Rates & Terms

Each Family Member Thereafter $25.00 each

Day Pass- $12.00

Yoga Only Class Pass- $10.00

Aerobics Only Class Pass- $5.00